Delta Dry Wall Inc. – Safety

Delta Dry Wall, Inc. is 100% committed to the safety and health of each and every one of our employees. Delta first implemented a written safety and health policy back in 1989. Since then it has grown and prospered throughout the years with the hard work of all the employees that have and still do work for the company today. 

Delta has maintained an Experience Modification Rating Factor average below .80 since 1982 and since 1989 our EMR Factor average has increased to 20% credit. This shows that we are effectively reducing our on the job injuries and are considerably under our industries state average for total on the job injuries. 

Delta Dry Wall, Inc. has been Cost Containment Certified by the State of Colorado since March 1992. 

We are currently members in the ABC, ASA and AWCI safety associations. 

We recently went over 1,000 workdays without a lost time accident or injury. 

All training, maintenance, and enforcement for our policy is carried out in house by our safety and health department. 

On each job we work on, Delta encourages strong relationships and continual cooperation with other trades including the general contractor to further improve the safety and health in the construction industry. In addition, we set up site specific safety programs  to ensure that safety and health is effectively implemented into all our projects.                             

Thanks to hard work and strict commitment, Delta Dry Wall, Inc. is very proud of its safety and health policy that is maintained by all our employees to ensure that each and every one of them go home at the end of the day injury free and continue to keep us very competitive!!!