Delta Dry Wall Inc. was incorporated in the State of Colorado in 1969.

Delta Dry Wall Inc.’s excellence in craftsmanship, and on-time completion record is unrivaled in the greater Denver area. The superior quality of our work is attributable to our commitment to our clients and our employees alike. 

All of our supervisory staff has been responsible for the coordination of projects in excess of $3,000,000.00. 

Our Estimators/Project Managers (Rusty Plowman, Mark Cone and Mark King) average 25 years of construction experience. They all started in the field learning the different trades. Most have been with Delta for more than 25 years.

Our Field Superintendents (Craig Jessen, Steve Martin and Steve Meastas) average 35 years of construction experience, almost all of them with Delta. All of our Superintendents began their construction careers as carpenters or finishers. 

Mike Funk, Delta’s Safety Manager, has implemented a safety program that currently has a EMR Factor lower than .80.

Tonya and Leilani work in the Accounting Department and Front Office. 

The Officers of Delta Dry Wall Inc. are: 

Ross T. Plowman II (Rusty)
Vice President – Secretary/Treasurer 

David L. Young